Olá Raquel, vi a tua crónica do P3 (tal como já vi muitas, umas melhores que outras) e não pude deixar de me perguntar: que idade terá a Raquel? Terá andado na faculdade? Se sim, que curso terá tirado? E que emprego terá? Trabalha na área para a qual estudou? Em que cidade terá crescido … Continue reading Emigrante

My Music & Moods

As you may or may not already know, YouTube is quite strict about having songs on videos (copyright reasons). Thus, although I cannot associate my favourite songs with my content there, I can still share it with you here. I listen to music according to the mood I am in, my Spotify playlists are very diverse. … Continue reading My Music & Moods


I just read this blog post about PhD depression and found it super relatable. I tried to comment but couldn’t find the words. I figured that I needed to ramble a bit and eventually something would come out. So here we are. (there goes the alarm..) I wouldn’t say that I am depressed, at least … Continue reading PhDiaries